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Shingle Style Beach House with Classic Coastal Interiors

Designed by Paul Geary and and overseen by project manager Katie Milner, both from T.S. Adams Studio, Architects, this is certainly one of the most beautiful shingle style beach houses I’ve posted on this blog. Located on the Panhandle of Florida approx. 30 miles west of Panama City, and 20 miles east of Destin, FL, this shingle home features an impressive layout and classic coastal interiors that will definitely inspire you today. Take a look at the custom coastal kitchen with stained island and steel vent hood and the gorgeous butler’s pantry with retro appliances. The master bedroom and bathroom are yet another place you will fall in love with. Take notes on furniture, lighting and other designer sources. I hope you have fun!

A Collection of 15 Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Women

The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature. That may explain why women always consider the beautiful appearance as the first consideration when buying or choosing something for themselves. When it comes to the bedroom, women will decorate their bedrooms in their own styles. Whatever the style is, there is one style that all women will love. That is a feminine one.

The bedroom is the most private space for a person and it is where you stay and sleep. You should turn your bedroom into your own castle where you can feel free and comfortable. It has nothing to do with the size of the bedroom. And it is not fair that energy or focus should only be put on the bigger space.There are some romantic and feminine decoration ideas for both big and small and big bedrooms. You will be amazed at these bedrooms which exact what you have been dreaming about.
That’s why I want to share these great bedroom decoration ideas with you. Just enjoy your life and make your bedroom a…